Asparagus and Apple Stuffed Chicken

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February 12, 2013 by Amie M

We’ve had the same stalks of asparagus standing in a container of water in the fridge for over a week. Just staring at me. But meals haven’t really been coming together that are calling for asparagus as a side. Then I had an idea, what about stuffing a chicken with asparagus?

So Sunday night, while Paul, Audrey, Charlie and I were struggling for warmth in our freezing apartment because our boiler broke, and the landlord couldn’t get the parts in until Monday, I decided that a roast chicken will warm us up. The oven at 375 for an hour and a half definitely added some heat to the back of the house. But the only way the rest of the place was tolerable was with Paul’s chin-up bar holding a blanket to stop the hot air from escaping our living room down the hall. The four of us were cuddled on the couch under spare blankets with a space heater aimed at us while we played Star Wars Lego and watched Pirates of the Caribbean, smelling the chicken roasting.


The stuffing started with a quick peruse of the fridge and freezer. I had freezer burnt hamburger buns, apples, asparagus and feta.


A quick pull apart of a bun, chop of an apple, snap of asparagus, crumble of feta and drizzle of olive oil had the stuffing ready to go.


As with all of my roast chickens, the secret is in the rub. Coarse sea salt, mixed with olive oil and my favourite blend of seasonings.

Cut slits into the breast meat, the skin flaps by the legs, and back. Rub the rub all over, making sure to get under the skin.


Stuff the stuffing in any cavity. I filled the main chest first, then stuffed the neck, and still had leftover stuffing for under the skin at the legs. It could be all of the Pirates of the Caribbean we were watching this weekend, but the chicken kind of looks like an octopus, or a kraken.

Shove into a medium sized roasting pan, set oven to 425 F. Fill the rest of the roaster with the other half of an apple. No water is needed as the apple and asparagus will keep everything moist. Once the oven is heated up, put it in to crisp for 15 minutes.

Lower to 375 F for 45 minutes, or until it temps done.


Plate and serve.


1 hamburger bun, or 3/4 c stale bread

Half one apple, I used fiji, chopped

7-10 asparagus stalks, snapped, then chopped

1/4 cup crumbled feta

1 tbsp olive oil

Rip apart bun, add other ingredients. Toss with olive oil.

Chicken rub:


Heating update:

Still without heat yesterday, but hoping it is fixed today. If not, well, we are out curling with friends and will leave lots of blankets out for the furry ones to nest in.


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