Your Valentine’s Day Gift

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February 14, 2013 by Amie M


Last night Paul and I had Dad over for supper. He was in town with work, and we managed to steal him away for some scrumptious Indian food and a quick visit before we dropped him off at his hotel.

On our way back home, we stopped in at the grocery store to get some supplies for V-Day baking festivities for tonight. The scene in the grocer’s was adorable. All sorts of men, all ages and sizes, were pouring over the florist section of the store. They were picking up and smelling bouquets, deciding between tulips or roses, or carnations, or a mixed bouquet, or even potted orchids. We purposely got in line behind a few gentlemen who were buying their bouquets for some extra smiles.

While in line, I kept hinting at Paul that flowers would be nice. He would just respond that I didn’t really like Valentine’s Day because it was so expensive. He’s right, and I like romantic things a little better when he is random, or when I am. Like giving me a phone call and offering me a ride home from work so I don’t need to take the bus. Or impromptu sushi date, or hamburger date, or milkshake date.

But it also feels nice like to do something together with someone on Valentine’s Day. You get to cuddle up with or be in the company of someone you care about and get a nice break from winter’s cold.

So, Hunny, when I get home from work, I am whipping up some of Smitten Kitchen’s caramel brownies, and we are watching a Star Trek, Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie when you get home from jamming with the band.

Sound good?


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