Knitting on a Roll


February 19, 2013 by Amie M


I was getting fed up with having no clue how many needles of what size I have, and where they were. So I finally took it upon myself to sewing a knitting needle roll.

It was quite simple, I have no idea why it took me so long to do it in the first place.

I modelled it after the tutorial from Design*Sponge.


I took some scrap fabric from a bed skirt I had repurposed elsewhere, stretched it out to the approximate width of the roll I wanted, and cut four strips of the same size. Piece one was for the back of the roll, two for the inside, three for pockets of the tallest row, and four for the pockets of the shortest.


I took some coordinating scrap and made a binding edge that I could later stamp on the needle size.

Then I sewed pieces 1 and 2 together, without a binding on.

Then I took piece 3 and placed it a third of the way down piece 1 and 2. The excess at the bottom, I folded back to meet the bottom edge of pieces 1 and 2. This I sewed together, and top-stitched a patch on the width of the roll to add some length to the longest pocket.

Then I took piece 4 and laid it equidistant down from the lip of piece 3, chopped off the bottom to make it even with the fold of piece 3 that made the roll longer.

Then I took the binding and bound the edges together on all layers. I did it very similar to how I did my quilt binding.


To finish it all off, I top-stitched down the pockets.

Then I shoved all of my straights and circulars in. Finally, I could get rid of all the packaging! I am thankful that I have inherited the majority of my Great Aunt Ollie’s knitting supplies, and my mom’s. But Aunt Ollie had a bit of a problem. She kept buying many sizes of needles because she never knew which sizes she had. Now I have one up on her system, and can keep a pretty good inventory of which ones I have and which ones I need. And I have space for more! Oh and to keep some notions in here, too.

Since I have so many of a few sizes, I think it may call for purging of some of the flimsy plastic needles, and opting for some more ergonomic straights. My wrists will thank me.


2 thoughts on “Knitting on a Roll

  1. This is great! I started knitting in college, but actually stopped because there isn’t much use for scarves in Southern California. However, I’d love to knit a sweater even though it intimidates me!

    Do you sew garments at all? I noticed that you follow the Coletterie blog and I love their patterns! I’m actually starting a group for beginning sewers if you’re interested. 🙂 E-mail me if you’d like to join!

  2. Jo says:

    Although I haven’t knit anything for many years I still have lots of needles. I’m going to make your project next time I set up my sewing machine. Thanks for the idea. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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