Asking for Flowers


February 20, 2013 by Amie M

Paul and I have been a powerhouse of wedding planning. We are putting our friends in awe over what we have been cranking out, and W-Day is almost 7 months away.

We have:

Some of the smaller details are already sorting themselves out but the last of the bigger budget items has been eluding me, and giving me great frustration.

I have no idea where to go for flowers. I have no idea what to budget for flowers. And what we are going after in the floral department is not heavy on flowers, but running a lot more towards ferns, leaves and other sorts of greenery, with a little bit of face flowers and tiny blossoms thrown in. Very natural. Very English garden.

But whenever I try searching for a florist in the area, all I get are websites for FTD and Teleflora locations. Oh yes, they are indeed Mom and Pop shops, but their websites consists solely of flowers that FTD and Teleflora offer. I want to see what you can create! I want to know what you have done for other events, not just weddings. I also would love to know how much. How about putting up a gallery? I’d like to know what you do before I come in to your shop. Or supplying an email address so I can send you links to ideas and give you my budget without having to come in and waste both of our time on a consult if you are going to be outside my budget, or not what we are looking for in floral design.

We are looking at 16-18 tables for dinner which means 18 centrepieces, plus a couple for guest book, dessert, bar and cocktail tables, so 20-22

There are 6 bridesmaids, so 7 bouquets including mine

6 groomsmen, so 7 boutonnieres with Paul’s, 9 with Dads, 11 with the Grampas.

4 corsages for Moms and Grammas.

Not to mention a garland for the ceremony backdrop that can be used as head table centrepiece.

Lovely Centrepiece

Flowers: Inspired Floral Design, Photo: Nathan Peel Photography via Style Me Pretty

How much is all of that going to cost? We are leaning very heavily towards mixed small blossoms, a couple garden roses in the larger arrangements, and full with ferns and greenery. Will having a lot of greenery keep the costs down? Or does stems like amaranthus, Queen Anne’s lace, Baby’s Breath and gladiolas knock the price up? Is it less expensive to go with one flower type, or have a diversity of blooms and stems?

Lovely Bridal Bouquet

Photo: Sarah Kate, Photographer via Style Me Pretty

The florist would have a lot of creative play. I have some inspiration images they can use. As long as they stay within the feel, and can do a mockup a week or two before, they are good to do whatever with whatever as long as it fits our budget. I even have all the centrepiece vases ready! But, as I keep repeating myself, what should that budget be?

I guess I am just going to have to suck it up, and going to these places some Saturday in February or March.

How soon is too soon for florals? What budgets have previous brides worked with?


2 thoughts on “Asking for Flowers

  1. Had you come across Ray’s Flowers? They have a pretty nice wedding gallery..haven’t hear anything particularly about them either way.

    Plus, love these handmade corsages and bouquets one of the shop owners on my Guelph etsy team makes :

    Good luck finding something amazing!

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