Friday Finds: A Colourful Winter Week

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March 1, 2013 by Amie M

I’ve been away. Life. You know the drill. Paul and I are busy with some life moments and wedding preparations. More when things come along further.

This week we have seen snow upon snow upon snow. With little melting periods in between. Being a pedestrian sucks in those melty bits. Anyone who is close to me knows I abhor people who complain about winter when they live in an area with a very obvious winter. I love winter. I love the crisp white landscapes, nose hairs freezing as I walk to the bus, an evening walk outside as the snow is gently falling. I can’t stand people who complain about the cold or snow, as if it doesn’t get cold and snow every year at this time.

I guess I miss how Tobans embrace the winter, and use as a measure of strength. Heck, I used to wear mini skirts to high school, in heels, in -25C. And drive a truck with no heat to school.

I also love how winter inspires me to nest and dream in my house, to start thinking of ways to make the inside a colourful retreat from the stark outdoors, or make me want to wear more colours. It also makes me want to share in more moments of laughter and love with the people in my life.

Sherry and John of Young House Love released their line of Benjamin Moore paint colours today. And oh my, I am in love with a lot of them! In true $herdog and John style, all the colours work well with each other, making it easy to pick a wall colour and go with any of the others for accents. I am picturing a Crisp Linen kitchen, cabinets and walls, with Artichoke Hearts and Balsam accessories. Or a Whisper bathroom, with Calypso Blue and Hearthstone accents.

I am in love with these shoes. But these ones may be better.

And this price for two colourful Pyrex dishes isn’t too bad. Scratch that, I am guilty of willing to pay almost anything for good colourful Pyrex. Do you like Pyrex? I love Pyrex. And milk glass. And depression glass. And old silver.

I know most people may have already seen this. Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar interview. Please watch the full video, not the shortened ones, as the full one actually has an intelligent question being asked of her. Why is it most female actors are asked about their hair, make-up, peaking, and tripping, but never about the content of the movies they are in, or about the impact their work can make. The first question in this video is fantastic, and J-Law’s answer is spot on. The interview’s intelligence (from the media side) goes down from there. But her quick wit and dry responses help her keep above where the media is trying to pull her down to.


Most of all, winter makes me want to knit. Those wonderful colours in alpaca yarn from Cusco are calling to me. I need to work with them ASAP.


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