Happy Birthday, Charlie!

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March 19, 2013 by Amie M

Our little boy turned one this Sunday. The ginger kitty who’s still incredibly full of spunk celebrated in style.

CBirthdayHe looked rather dapper with his green polka dot bowtie. He also did not care for the birthday cake I so carefully prepared.


A tin of kitten food, with hairball medicine icing (it’s like crack to him and Audrey), and salmon chewy treats writing out the number one weren’t quite up to the standards he was expecting.


So we swapped it out for his usual fare, Turducken, with treats thrown in.

He ate that no problem!

Baby CharlieIt’s hard to believe this big boy was this little fluffer when we met him, and brought him home.

He has not slowed down, and keeps us on our toes, literally. He loves waking us up by running onto the bed, spinning in circles, smacking our toes and using calves, legs, stomachs or anything as a launchpad to leap after his sister into the hallway.

He also likes to sit underneath the hallway lightswitch and meow up at it. Occasionally he does a mad vertical jump, smacks the wall and plunks back down on his fluffy rear. I keep trying to video it, but he is unpredictable with his random antics.

Speaking of the hairy butt, he has a new name around the house: Sir Charles of Fluffy Bottom. This is not to be confused with Professor Charles (when he’s wearing his bowtie) and Mister Fluffy Pants (when he’s in a prancing mood).

little charlie

Charlie, your excitable nature, with super cuddles, co-sleeping needs and adorable overbite have warmed a permanent place in our hearts, and your sister’s. You are a wonderful, spunky boy, and you just continue to grow and astonish us with how smart you are. You come up with such creative ways to trick us and your sister into playing with you, at all hours of the day.

Don’t stop playing! But please stop with the ping pong balls and bobby pins under the bed.

Love you, my little, big boy!


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