We Bought a House!!


April 17, 2013 by Amie M

I have been maintaining radio silence for some time on a very important life decision Paul and I decided to take a leap on in February. We started seriously house hunting when my parents were our for my convocation. By seriously house hunting, I mean more than just wishing upon houses on MLS and Property Guys.

We spoke with our landlord, who is also a realtor, and he began setting us up with house viewings. From middle of February until the perfect one a couple weeks ago, we saw at least 29 houses. House viewings took up our lunches, evenings and weekends, as we were keen to jump on one right away. The real estate market in Guelph is such that if a good one is listed, that day or the next it will be sold. We had to be prepared to say yes with less than 48 hours of consideration.

We’ve seen dives, dumps, beauties, and places that we could work with. We’ve been stumped by shared driveways, intolerable kitchens, inoperable bathrooms, tiny rooms, stone foundations and decrepit furnaces.


Then we saw her.

Up she went on our realtor’s internal posting on Tuesday, April 2. We saw it that day. And again the next with one of Paul’s contractors from work. We called the parents and decided to put in an offer. We drew up an offer and were in competition with another offer on Thursday. The realtor agreed not to look at them with her client until Friday. We knew we were in competition, the previous offer didn’t. So we offered 1$ more than asking.

It was close, but our offer was accepted. We arranged for an inspector to come through on Monday. Received his notes and went over them with the parents. There is some work that needs to be done, but most of it minor.

One of the best parts of the house, is currently the worst. The kitchen is unsalvageable. No, not even a coat of paint and new hinges on the doors can save it. So, the worst becomes the best by ripping it out, and we are designing our own kitchen from scratch!

Oh, have our wheels been turning on how to update and make this house a home!

We get possession June 28. It won’t come soon enough.


3 thoughts on “We Bought a House!!

  1. Auntie DeeDee says:

    looks nice Amie! Love the brick and the porch.

  2. Vanessa says:

    FINALLY another blog post! Yay! Haha.
    And an AWESOME blog post, at that!

  3. […] I’ve been a busy bee lately. I took out my Christmas stockings that were left unfinished for Christmas, and finally charted out our names for the tops. Maybe they will get done in time for our first Christmas in our house! […]

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