Family and Fun Overload


May 7, 2013 by Amie M

On April 25, the whole family hopped on a plane from Winnipeg to Toronto to come crash at Paul’s and my wee apartment for some wedding lead-up shenanigans. By the whole family, I mean the whole family.


Since little Natters is still under two years old, she can fly for free. And since Mom and Dad have such a great Airmiles balance, they can bring along Melissa and Chris, too! It was fantastic to have everyone out. The last time my sister and Chris were out was going into 4th year of undergrad, four years ago. And that smile on Natalie’s face – it never left all weekend.


In preparation for having a toddler terrorize our apartment, Paul and I bought an umbrella stroller, borrowed a playpen and booster seat from a friend and bought a special dish set for Natalie (a bowl and plate in the shape of a lion’s head). The one thing we forgot, was to get a straw to go with the lion cup! There were a couple spills throughout their time with us.


Every other word out of the little monkey’s mouth all weekend was “CC” or “Cocoa.” CC is her puggle at home, and every animal is a CC. Cocoa is reserved for cats, and takes a little more to get out of her. Cocoa is my cat at Mom and Dad’s, she is all black fluff.

Charlie was alright with Natalie. He was curious of her. She wanted to play with him, a lot, but he didn’t understand the high pitch squealing and shrieks were because she was so happy he was playing back. She would stand with the ball on a string toy in the hallway, Charlie would follow her, and she would start throwing the ball all over the place with the stick in hand. Charlie would rather confusedly bat at the ball whenever there was a lull in motion. The batting would spark shrieks and ball throwing all over again.

It was also adorable when Natalie found the cat treats. She plopped herself right down on the floor and started shaking the treat bags. Both furballs came running out of their hiding spaces and started dancing for her, until Natalie’s shrieks and laughter sent Audrey back under the bed.


Natalie was also marvellous at the events over the weekend. The fam was out for the Stag and Doe party in Niagara Friday night, and the Wedding Shower in Guelph Saturday afternoon.

Having the family over really helped me get out of a rut I’ve been in lately. My little large dose of them will tie me over until we head out with Paul’s parents to Manitoba in June for another Shower. Being around my family does wonderful things to me. Hosting them does even more. I feel connected to them, like I can show them that my love and appreciation of them is really great.

Having them over, though chaotic, just makes me think of how chaotic my larger family is, and how great and fun it was when all grandkids and aunties and uncles were in one place, often. We never noticed, or cared, if anyone was stressed out in the planning of get togethers, because it meant that we were going to have a great time playing with each other and our aunties and uncles. I really hope Paul’s and my kid(s) will be able to experience this, the joy of entropy, that comes with a loud, large family.


One thought on “Family and Fun Overload

  1. Vanessa says:

    Co-co-Chloe…? Close enough! Hehe.

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