House Colour Palette


May 14, 2013 by Amie M

Paul and I have been in house planning mode. One thing we are very keen on is painting. The current owner is on a beige kick, and that will go! We would share the photos of the house from the listing, but feel it is important to maintain the current owner’s privacy.

We are also aware that our decision to paint the original wood trim will spark a lot of gasps. But once we move in and we show you what the trim is like, you will see why we want to paint it all. There are large knicks, cracks, and messy patching jobs in the high traffic areas. And the look we are going for is much more crisp and calm throughout. The colours we have chosen are all by Behr. And Home Depot is having a sale on Behr paint this week. We may just have to hit that up for the colours we are absolutely sure about.


As you enter our house (eek! our house!), the pale blue with a touch of purple hallway is very inviting. With trim in frost and eventually chair rail and wainscoting we are going for a traditional look. We want to go a little more saturated in the Living Room and Dining Room. A teal and a green will warm things up, but they are still light enough to not suck in all the light. The muted green in the kitchen will warm up the white cabinets and work well with the butcherblock counters we are planning.


The Sonata blue downstairs hallway will carry up the stairwell and into the upstairs hallway. The master bedroom will be a calm neutral grey, well accentuated with white bedding and whatever strikes us for colour pops. Paul wants a moody, musical room where his instruments are going to be the standouts. I want a cheerful craft room, a place where my yarn and fabric stashes can be on display. The bathroom currently has black and white floor tiles, a little aqua will calm the space down.


But one of the first things we are going to do to make the house ours, aside from clean, is paint the front door and put up new house numbers. We are picturing a deep teal, warm and following the colour scheme inside. Eventually we might put shutters up in the same shade.


2 thoughts on “House Colour Palette

  1. Vanessa says:

    I am SHOCKED that Paul’s room is not green….!!!

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