The Evolution of Picking Bridesmaid Dresses


May 15, 2013 by Amie M

One of the first things I decided about our wedding was the colour of the bridesmaid dresses: a pale yellow. I loved the soft, cheery colour, and kept picturing them in a garden. The deep greens of shrubs and ferns and giant trees would really go with yellow dresses.

Photo: Jessica Ames, via Bridal Musings

Then I started thinking of style. I love vintage, and lace. And I saw lovely weddings that had bridesmaids in mismatched, but same hued, vintage dresses.

via simplicityisbliss on Etsy

Then the dream of my six ladies magically finding vintage pale yellow dresses on Etsy or in thrift stores starting blooming. I would have moved mountains if they all found old yellow prom dresses.

They didn’t all have to be 50’s-esque with full skirts, tulle and brocade. They could have been lovely in mid-century modern sheath dresses. Just as long as they were yellow and vintage.

Then practicality prevailed. The likelihood of all six ladies finding dresses, in their sizes, or needing minimal alterations and in good shape was slim.

Photo: Delbarr Moradi via Ruffled

So then we moved onto light yellow and vintage inspired, like these ladies who sourced theirs from ModCloth and J. Crew. Then my mismatched yellow gaggle of girls became much more of a reality.

So we scoured ModCloth, Ruche and other online dress sites for pale yellow dresses. All of this was over the winter, when pale colours weren’t really in season. The girls had to make a decision: to risk it and wait for light colours to come in for spring, or to be safe and get dresses from a bridal salon.

We played it safe. And I am glad we did. Looking at the stores now, there aren’t a lot of pale yellow dresses that my ladies would have been satisfied with, and it would have been too close to August to order in dresses for them.

So we went in little groups to a bridal shop in town and picked out pale yellow dresses with soft or vintage lines, perfect for a garden wedding.

Without giving any girls’ dress away, picture a couple of them strapless, a couple with deep v necklines, some sweatheart, one illusion, some lace, some chiffon, some dupioni. I am in love with the variety of textures they picked out, and the different shapes. Each of their dresses are wonderfully suited to the lady wearing it. Their dresses are starting to trickle in now, and I am excited to see them all in them!


2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. Lynnie-binnie says:

    They sound so pretty! Well done co-ordinating so many ladies! ( I used my nickname so you would know which Lynn this is)

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