Friday Finds: Garden Guilt


May 24, 2013 by Amie M

A couple weeks ago I caved. On a supply mission to Canadian Tire, I picked up a small flat of pansies, potting soil and compost. I got to work on the front beds at our apartment. They were looking really sad, and I wanted to do some yard work on the lovely days we were having. Out went the weeds, and in went the pansies, all nicely planted into their oases of compost.

But that’s all I’m doing for the apartment. I have to make sure I don’t buy anymore plants or plant my usual vegetables out there. It’s hard, man! Really hard.

As hard as it is to stop gardening where we are now, it’s just as easy to dream about our to be yard at the house. But the part that sucks about getting it the first week of July is we won’t be able to have a vegetable garden, or do much yard work before the wedding week/end comes crashing upon our house.

But I can dream.

First things first, we will need a lawn mower. Our yard isn’t big, so a reel mower will do. I’ve cashed in all of my Aeroplan miles for Home Hardware gift cards. That will make lawn mower and small purchases much easier when we get the place.

Then I can dream about patio furniture. Paul and I both like the resin wicker sets we’ve seen in a few places. This one is from IKEA.

There is already a clothesline at the house, but I’m picture other things to hang. Like a hammock.

For the garden, when I can eventually get around to it, I plan on getting most vegetable seeds from Cubits. And labelling their location with these awesome plant stakes. The garden will be in raised beds, and done square foot style, à la Karen. But I promised Paul not to take over the front yard with a vegetable garden. He’s worried kids and neighbours might steal our tomatoes.

We also have for other areas of the yard, like rain barrels, fence up-keep, a cherry tree, and tearing down the eyesore of a giant garage.

These are just little things to help me keep dreaming of the big picture.


3 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Garden Guilt

  1. Vanessa says:

    Keep the clothesline! They are amazing.
    But a hammock is what I am dreaming of too, we just don’t have two big trees….
    Are you doing a patio table too?

    • Amie M says:

      Yep! There just isn’t a particular style we are both agreeing on right now. I like the look of some of the wooden IKEA ones. I’m not too keen on a glass top. I know it will break. With a good sealant, wood should be pretty durable.

      • Vanessa says:

        Yeah, there are some nice wood ones from Ikea My sister has one that I really like! And she got a matching bench. 🙂

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