A Jack and Jill in Manitoba


June 19, 2013 by Amie M

Paul and I backed our bags for a quick weekend jaunt to Manitoba for a Jack and Jill Shower the family put on in our honour.

It was a packed evening of laughter, love, and food.

Family from Mom’s side, and Dad’s side, friends I’ve seen when I was out last, and friends I haven’t seen since high school all came together to shower Paul and I in love, well wishes, and confetti.

Mom and her sisters Darlene and Marina, or DeeDee and Mia.

My great-aunts Ollie and Sophie, and Auntie Teresa.

My cousin Leanne, Uncle Donny, Gramma and Grampa.

My friends from high school! LeAnne, Kim and Jen, it was great to see you ladies!

Dad and Chris, with some help from Cal, roasted a hog for supper from Danny’s Whole Hog. It was delicious!

After supper, we were surprised by a specialty cake that Kim and Cal coerced Dairy Queen into making. It was complete with some Star Wars figures, DQ sandwiches, and the middle layer was crushed ice cream sandwiches! We ate the last two pieces for second breakfast the next day.

Natalie ate a whole ice cream sandwich to herself! Auntie Mia had to help her out.

Paul handled his on his own.

We opened some very generous gifts, and thoughtful cards from those who could make it, and from some who could not. Paul was tasked with writing in the cards what the person gave us, to make the Thank You cards a little easier later. Well, we’ve started those thank you’s, and Paul’s code is confusing.

Out of the whole evening, the best moments were the little ones: a good laugh with old friends about things we used to get up to; Gramma already harassing us about babies; seeing the people I used to babysit for stop by; and cousin Magdalena taking credit for Paul crawling under the deck to get a card that slipped through a crack.

And other little moments that Mom captured. Natalie’s Super-Grampa adores her, and she adores him.

Thank you to everyone who came Saturday night! It was so great to see all of you! We really felt the love and support you have for us as we begin our lives together.

To those who were there is spirit: thank you for all of your support, and we are sorry you missed it.


2 thoughts on “A Jack and Jill in Manitoba

  1. kiwiyarns says:

    What a delightful day! It so wonderful to see such a happy, close family.

  2. […] past June, on Father’s Day (in fact the day after the Jack and Jill Shower in Manitoba), Dad packed up an audition piece made entirely out of one sheet of plywood and wood […]

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