My Daddy’s Going to be on TV!

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January 28, 2014 by Amie M

It’s been awhile. But I felt like coming out of hibernation to share some really exciting news with y’all.

This past June, on Father’s Day (in fact the day after the Jack and Jill Shower in Manitoba), Dad packed up an audition piece made entirely out of one sheet of plywood and wood glue and drove into Winnipeg to audition for Canada’s Handyman Challenge.

Last week was the premiere of Season 3 for the show, and as exciting as it was, it wasn’t share-worthy because Dad was not on it.

But tonight, oh tonight, Dad will definitely be seen in the Winnipeg auditions for the show.

Canada's Handyman Challenge Season 3

Image via Canada’s Handyman Challenge Facebook page

Canada’s Handyman Challenge airs at 10 pm Eastern, 9 pm Central, and 10 pm Mountain, 9 pm Pacific on HGTV Canada.

As Auntie DeeDee put it:  He is the tall dark haired man, lots of grey hair. He brings in a rocking horse.

Last week, I live texted with Dad my commentary on the show. Apparently I had some amusing musings on the Calgary auditions. I am tempted to venture into Twitter to Live Tweet it, but only if there is enough interest. It would be by the hashtag #mbsilverfox.

Some of my friends call Dad a silver fox. I just say “Ew, that’s my Dad.”


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