Happy Galentine’s Day!


February 14, 2014 by Amie M

Some of my favourite ladies live far away from me. I don’t get to see them that often, and I miss them terribly.

So this year, I decided to up my ante for what I do for friends on Valentine’s Day, and send along some love to my girls who moved away from me.

To my Darlings Sarah, Kim and Jasleen I sent along two packages, one to each house. After Kim and Jasleen got theirs, and opened it, I was sent a very excited text message from Kim. I could hear her Trinidadian accent shouting excitement at me with every syllable.

I sent along some homemade bunting, cinnamon hearts, cupcake liners, balloons, Laura Secord chocolate covered marshmallow hearts, paper straws. Vanessa included David’s Tea Tea Valentine’s, and I included Rifle Paper Co. Valentine’s cards I found at Coriander.

To my wonderful niece and sister, I also sent along a package. They should have received it by now. If not, then, oops Miffa! Surprise broken! Haha.

Natalie and Melissa got a lot of the same things as Kim and Sarah, but I also included some Valentine’s toothpicks.

The bunting were all made out of scrap fabric I had lying around, and some ribbon I picked up at a discount craft store. The cupcake paraphenalia and cinnamon hearts were found in a sweets induced frenzy at Dollarama. The balloons and straws were leftovers from my bridal shower and a baby shower I helped decorate.

I think my ladies enjoyed their packages. It feels good to send a little love to those you don’t see as often as you would like.


One thought on “Happy Galentine’s Day!

  1. Vanessa says:

    I didn’t know you made bunting! FUN! It’s so cute, too! 🙂 You are too sweet.

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