Last Week on Canada’s Handyman Challenge…


February 25, 2014 by Amie M

The Pops is awesome, y’all. Not many people could hack the challenges the judges threw at the Handyman Challenge contestants last week. And four people went home. 16 contestants were quickly weeded down to 12. Watch it.

Contest number one was region based; the 16 were divided into four teams and told to create a backyard oasis that had to include an entrance, patio, fence and hammock with a catch. They only had two hours.

Team 'Peg Oasis

(Photo Credit: Dad)

Team ‘Peg did a great job. Their patio was well laid and was pretty even, but the screening and gravel were layered wrong. The gate was well hung but boring, the fence was alright but shakey, but man was that hammock sturdy! A little tight-strung, but it was not going anywhere.


(Photo credit: Canada’s Handyman Challenge)

Right away when they said backyard oasis, I thought Dad was going for a pagoda, having just made a behemoth in his backyard. In my live texts with the old man, he said he wanted to do the hammock because he had never made one before, and he wanted a challenge. Dad is awesome.

Team ‘Peg ended up in the bottom two teams so one of the gents ended up going home. But as I was watching that elimination I knew it was not Dad going home. Team East Coast also was in the bottom two, and saw a member go home.


(Photo Credit: Dad)

Challenge two had the remaining 14 contestants test their brains in geometry and physics. They had to building a long bridge out of 1″x2″s and screws and were told to go long, and do it in two hours. What a horrible challenge! These building materials were prone to splitting, and somehow the judges were to walk out on the bridges. It was all so nerve-wracking to watch.

Dad was teamed up with Dan, and were dubbed the nerds, as they used loads of math and building principles to keep their bridge up. The relied on triangles and some upper supports with double bracing.

Dad Bridge

(Photo credit: Canada’s Handyman Challenge)

Of the seven teams of two, Team Geek did not fare the best, nor did they fare the worst. One bridge fell apart before the judges even walked on it. And there was one bridge where the judges were able to walk over half of its length!

Tonight’s episode is going to be another thriller, where the contestants’ skills and minds will be put through the wringer.

Don’t forget to tune in to watch the MBSilverFox compete against other highly skilled handyman from the Great White North. And then vote for Dad in the Fan Favourite Poll.


One thought on “Last Week on Canada’s Handyman Challenge…

  1. Brenda Kirschman says:

    The silver fox is doing very well just as I thought . He I the best handyman we know he can make lots of thing and do a some job at it. Someone that can take a pile of stuff and make thing out of it he is doing very-very we’ll . We r cheering u on Ron watching the show u make us proud. Good luck in the next show. Brenda & cliff

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