Two Weeks Ago on Canada’s Handyman Challenge


March 18, 2014 by Amie M

Sorry, Pops! I tried to write this post and publish it last week, but a certain husband of mine had our computer at a meeting. So today we are getting double the dose of Ron-some.

Dad made it into the Top 10 of the TV contest that pits very well-skilled handy people from across Canada against each other in time- and material-defying feats of handyman prowess. This episode started out very well, in what fans of the #mbsilverfox are dubbing a dream team setup. Watch the episode online.

Dad was paired with Brent from British Columbia in a duo that the judges repeatedly referred to as the Elder Statesmen. They were tasked with completing a set of stairs that had toinclude a landing and were given the usual 2 hours to do it in.

(Photo credit: Canada’s Handyman Challenge)

Dad took to the task right away, and had Brent on board with designing a set of stairs that are intuitive to walk. Dad’s theory is that you should never have to think about climbing stairs, you should just do it. And these two gents did it very well.

(Photo credit: Canada’s Handyman Challenge

Even though a part of the expectations was to include a railing, they were more focussed on creating a sturdy, well designed and to-code structure than the finishing touches. The judges had us on the edge of our seats when they were making their eliminations, saying that because the two did not finish the project they could be eliminated. But, there were other teams that built unsafe stairs and even stairs that fell apart that kept Dad and Brent from elimination.

In the end, a show down happened between another Team Toba member, Chris from Winnipeg, and Maurice from Nova Scotia when the judges couldn’t decide on a team member to send home as their stairs performed the worst. The two handymen were challenged with replacing a single pane window and were given the supplies, and some extra, to do it. In the end Maurice went home over Chris because he neglected to use the glazing points that hold the glass in place.

The top 9 challenge had Dad facing something he has never done before: crown moulding. In preparation for the contest, Dad researched the heck out of a few things he figured could come up as a challenge, and he very intuitively watched a few videos on installing crown moulding.

(Photo credit: Canada’s Handyman Challenge)

Dad worked his way through it, meticulously measuring his angles and making his cuts, getting a very clean finished project. Unfortunately in that dreaded countdown to put their tools down, Dad’s nail gun jammed and his neighbouring contest tossed him his air nailer just barely in the nick of time to fire a couple nails into the last piece of his moulding.

(Photo credit: Dad, #mbsilverfox)

The judges, in their judging of things, noticed right away that some of Dad’s boards were not firmly affixed and did their requisite tisking.

Again the editing of the show had us waiting with bated breath to see if Pops made it through to the Top 8. And of course he did! More on that episode later today.

Vote for your favourite contestant here.


One thought on “Two Weeks Ago on Canada’s Handyman Challenge

  1. AlexLuis says:

    I cannot thank you enough for the blog. Much obliged.
    Plastering and painting

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