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  1. Happy Birthday, Charlie!

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    March 19, 2013 by Amie M

    Our little boy turned one this Sunday. The ginger kitty who’s still incredibly full of spunk celebrated in style.

    CBirthdayHe looked rather dapper with his green polka dot bowtie. He also did not care for the birthday cake I so carefully prepared.


    A tin of kitten food, with hairball medicine icing (it’s like crack to him and Audrey), and salmon chewy treats writing out the number one weren’t quite up to the standards he was expecting.


    So we swapped it out for his usual fare, Turducken, with treats thrown in.

    He ate that no problem!

    Baby CharlieIt’s hard to believe this big boy was this little fluffer when we met him, and brought him home.

    He has not slowed down, and keeps us on our toes, literally. He loves waking us up by running onto the bed, spinning in circles, smacking our toes and using calves, legs, stomachs or anything as a launchpad to leap after his sister into the hallway.

    He also likes to sit underneath the hallway lightswitch and meow up at it. Occasionally he does a mad vertical jump, smacks the wall and plunks back down on his fluffy rear. I keep trying to video it, but he is unpredictable with his random antics.

    Speaking of the hairy butt, he has a new name around the house: Sir Charles of Fluffy Bottom. This is not to be confused with Professor Charles (when he’s wearing his bowtie) and Mister Fluffy Pants (when he’s in a prancing mood).

    little charlie

    Charlie, your excitable nature, with super cuddles, co-sleeping needs and adorable overbite have warmed a permanent place in our hearts, and your sister’s. You are a wonderful, spunky boy, and you just continue to grow and astonish us with how smart you are. You come up with such creative ways to trick us and your sister into playing with you, at all hours of the day.

    Don’t stop playing! But please stop with the ping pong balls and bobby pins under the bed.

    Love you, my little, big boy!

  2. Foiler of All Plans


    February 5, 2013 by Amie M

    CharlieSee this little, fluffy kitty? His adorable yellow eyes are just begging you to cuddle him.


    Well, he isn’t so little anymore! And that handsome little face now has even more of a mischievous tint to it. You just can’t see it when he’s sleeping.

    But when he is awake, he is an unstoppable trouble-causing, havoc-wreaking, whirlwind.


    He will climb in your stash bucket, snatch your yarn up. So you better hide your string, hide your needles, hide your pens causing he’s stealing everything out there.

    He doesn’t have to confess, he does it right in front of you.

    Then he will cuddle you.

    Oh, he will cuddle you.


    And run and jump at that.

    Run and jump at that.

    He’s a purr, purr purr boy.


    Obligatory Audrey photo.

  3. Friends to Dinner

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    November 6, 2012 by Amie M

    Charlie is obsessed with his mouse. We call him Mr. Mouse. It was originally bought for Audrey, but it was too big for her and she just let it be. Then when Penny visited a few times before we got the Orange Terror, she would go straight into the toy box and pull out the mouse. She’d chew on it until we realized we forgot to raise the toy box above her eyesight, and we would chase her around the apartment to get the mouse back.

    After we got Charlie, he had little interest in the mouse. Then he met Penny and they became besties. Now he loves this mouse because it kind of smells like her.

    Mr. Mouse is carried all over the apartment. We will wake up to him being in the bathroom sink, just outside the litter box, on our pillows or beside the food dishes. But this weekend, Mr. Mouse was officially brought to dinner. I woke up to find Mr. Mouse placed on top of Audrey and Charlie’s hard food dish.

    Silly Charlie, Mr. Mouse is already stuffed.

  4. The Silliness Continues

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    July 11, 2012 by Amie M

    It has been so dang hot, and humid. But laundry and chores must still get done, even though all we want to do is sit on our butts with fans blowing at our faces and chests.

    Normally, our drying rack gets set up in our bedroom. With the humidity we’ve been having as of late, adding more moisture to the air where we are sleeping doesn’t seem like a good idea. So I set up the rack in the back room/spare room.

    Much like when the rack was set up in the bedroom, a certain little orange fluffer decided to climb it. This time, he managed to get higher.

    I have no idea how he got up there.

    But she does, and she’s not telling.

  5. Charlie Has A New Friend


    June 25, 2012 by Amie M

    We have babysat Penny before. She is a Golden Retriever, part Lab who is just over two years now, and still full of that puppy spunk. Perfect for playing with a kitten who knows no boundaries!

    Most of our time has been spent watching and refereeing play matches between the two. With three fur balls in my house, I have had little time to devote to projects to share or even just to work on!

    But the playing almost always starts with Charlie, doing something silly to get Penny’s attention.

    Penny takes the bait.

    Then it’s on, like Donkey Kong!

    And Charlie kangaroo kicks her face.

    She ignores it. Or she puts a paw on him to hold him down and away from her face.

    And she pushes him around with her nose.

    Charlie is good at signaling when he has had enough. He will (if he can) bounce up and away down the hall. This is where our supervision comes in, because if Penny is all riled up from the wrestling, she will prance after him. But a quick “Penny, no,” and she will stop, reluctantly, but she will stop.

    When we let Penny out of her kennel after a time out to cool off, right away, she tries to find Charlie and give him a little nudge with her nose, getting him to play again.

    Audrey likes to sit back and watch the matches. You can just see the relief on her face that it’s not her being kangaroo kicked, jumped on or nipped. The two more immature younger ones cancel each other out for annoyances, and she’s back to her cuddly self.