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  1. Happy Galentine’s Day!


    February 14, 2014 by Amie M

    Some of my favourite ladies live far away from me. I don’t get to see them that often, and I miss them terribly.

    So this year, I decided to up my ante for what I do for friends on Valentine’s Day, and send along some love to my girls who moved away from me.

    To my Darlings Sarah, Kim and Jasleen I sent along two packages, one to each house. After Kim and Jasleen got theirs, and opened it, I was sent a very excited text message from Kim. I could hear her Trinidadian accent shouting excitement at me with every syllable.

    I sent along some homemade bunting, cinnamon hearts, cupcake liners, balloons, Laura Secord chocolate covered marshmallow hearts, paper straws. Vanessa included David’s Tea Tea Valentine’s, and I included Rifle Paper Co. Valentine’s cards I found at Coriander.

    To my wonderful niece and sister, I also sent along a package. They should have received it by now. If not, then, oops Miffa! Surprise broken! Haha.

    Natalie and Melissa got a lot of the same things as Kim and Sarah, but I also included some Valentine’s toothpicks.

    The bunting were all made out of scrap fabric I had lying around, and some ribbon I picked up at a discount craft store. The cupcake paraphenalia and cinnamon hearts were found in a sweets induced frenzy at Dollarama. The balloons and straws were leftovers from my bridal shower and a baby shower I helped decorate.

    I think my ladies enjoyed their packages. It feels good to send a little love to those you don’t see as often as you would like.

  2. A Jack and Jill in Manitoba


    June 19, 2013 by Amie M

    Paul and I backed our bags for a quick weekend jaunt to Manitoba for a Jack and Jill Shower the family put on in our honour.

    It was a packed evening of laughter, love, and food.

    Family from Mom’s side, and Dad’s side, friends I’ve seen when I was out last, and friends I haven’t seen since high school all came together to shower Paul and I in love, well wishes, and confetti.

    Mom and her sisters Darlene and Marina, or DeeDee and Mia.

    My great-aunts Ollie and Sophie, and Auntie Teresa.

    My cousin Leanne, Uncle Donny, Gramma and Grampa.

    My friends from high school! LeAnne, Kim and Jen, it was great to see you ladies!

    Dad and Chris, with some help from Cal, roasted a hog for supper from Danny’s Whole Hog. It was delicious!

    After supper, we were surprised by a specialty cake that Kim and Cal coerced Dairy Queen into making. It was complete with some Star Wars figures, DQ sandwiches, and the middle layer was crushed ice cream sandwiches! We ate the last two pieces for second breakfast the next day.

    Natalie ate a whole ice cream sandwich to herself! Auntie Mia had to help her out.

    Paul handled his on his own.

    We opened some very generous gifts, and thoughtful cards from those who could make it, and from some who could not. Paul was tasked with writing in the cards what the person gave us, to make the Thank You cards a little easier later. Well, we’ve started those thank you’s, and Paul’s code is confusing.

    Out of the whole evening, the best moments were the little ones: a good laugh with old friends about things we used to get up to; Gramma already harassing us about babies; seeing the people I used to babysit for stop by; and cousin Magdalena taking credit for Paul crawling under the deck to get a card that slipped through a crack.

    And other little moments that Mom captured. Natalie’s Super-Grampa adores her, and she adores him.

    Thank you to everyone who came Saturday night! It was so great to see all of you! We really felt the love and support you have for us as we begin our lives together.

    To those who were there is spirit: thank you for all of your support, and we are sorry you missed it.

  3. Showered with Love

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    May 8, 2013 by Amie M


    My wonderful ladies planned an intimate bridal tea a couple Saturday afternoons ago. They decorated and planned and baked and brewed an event that was exactly what I had dreamed of for my bridal shower.


    They took mint, pink, doilies, burlap and my family tea cups and went all out.


    Each of them made or brought food, and there was so much of it!


    We played games.


    A lot of games!


    And we ate, and sipped some tea from the lovely tea bar.


    Some of us were exhausted from the festivities at the Stag and Doe the night before and camped out under the food table. Natalie eyed up the candy, and only salami, a cookie or a spoon of jam would persuade her away from eating the whole lot of it.


    We ate, and ate and ate!


    Then I opened presents on behalf of Paul and I and said thank you for all the thoughtful gifts and well wishes.


    While I was opening gifts, Kate was rather suspiciously gathering all the paper and bows, and made a rather lovely bonnet. It was fetching.


    Thank you to my girls for putting together such a lovely afternoon spent with some of my closest friends. Everyone’s love and support for Paul and I as we are preparing our life together was overwhelming!


    All my ladies were wonderful, and I’m glad all of you could make it!

    With this much love and well wishes, Paul and I are set, thank you all again.

  4. Family and Fun Overload


    May 7, 2013 by Amie M

    On April 25, the whole family hopped on a plane from Winnipeg to Toronto to come crash at Paul’s and my wee apartment for some wedding lead-up shenanigans. By the whole family, I mean the whole family.


    Since little Natters is still under two years old, she can fly for free. And since Mom and Dad have such a great Airmiles balance, they can bring along Melissa and Chris, too! It was fantastic to have everyone out. The last time my sister and Chris were out was going into 4th year of undergrad, four years ago. And that smile on Natalie’s face – it never left all weekend.


    In preparation for having a toddler terrorize our apartment, Paul and I bought an umbrella stroller, borrowed a playpen and booster seat from a friend and bought a special dish set for Natalie (a bowl and plate in the shape of a lion’s head). The one thing we forgot, was to get a straw to go with the lion cup! There were a couple spills throughout their time with us.


    Every other word out of the little monkey’s mouth all weekend was “CC” or “Cocoa.” CC is her puggle at home, and every animal is a CC. Cocoa is reserved for cats, and takes a little more to get out of her. Cocoa is my cat at Mom and Dad’s, she is all black fluff.

    Charlie was alright with Natalie. He was curious of her. She wanted to play with him, a lot, but he didn’t understand the high pitch squealing and shrieks were because she was so happy he was playing back. She would stand with the ball on a string toy in the hallway, Charlie would follow her, and she would start throwing the ball all over the place with the stick in hand. Charlie would rather confusedly bat at the ball whenever there was a lull in motion. The batting would spark shrieks and ball throwing all over again.

    It was also adorable when Natalie found the cat treats. She plopped herself right down on the floor and started shaking the treat bags. Both furballs came running out of their hiding spaces and started dancing for her, until Natalie’s shrieks and laughter sent Audrey back under the bed.


    Natalie was also marvellous at the events over the weekend. The fam was out for the Stag and Doe party in Niagara Friday night, and the Wedding Shower in Guelph Saturday afternoon.

    Having the family over really helped me get out of a rut I’ve been in lately. My little large dose of them will tie me over until we head out with Paul’s parents to Manitoba in June for another Shower. Being around my family does wonderful things to me. Hosting them does even more. I feel connected to them, like I can show them that my love and appreciation of them is really great.

    Having them over, though chaotic, just makes me think of how chaotic my larger family is, and how great and fun it was when all grandkids and aunties and uncles were in one place, often. We never noticed, or cared, if anyone was stressed out in the planning of get togethers, because it meant that we were going to have a great time playing with each other and our aunties and uncles. I really hope Paul’s and my kid(s) will be able to experience this, the joy of entropy, that comes with a loud, large family.

  5. We Bought a House!!


    April 17, 2013 by Amie M

    I have been maintaining radio silence for some time on a very important life decision Paul and I decided to take a leap on in February. We started seriously house hunting when my parents were our for my convocation. By seriously house hunting, I mean more than just wishing upon houses on MLS and Property Guys.

    We spoke with our landlord, who is also a realtor, and he began setting us up with house viewings. From middle of February until the perfect one a couple weeks ago, we saw at least 29 houses. House viewings took up our lunches, evenings and weekends, as we were keen to jump on one right away. The real estate market in Guelph is such that if a good one is listed, that day or the next it will be sold. We had to be prepared to say yes with less than 48 hours of consideration.

    We’ve seen dives, dumps, beauties, and places that we could work with. We’ve been stumped by shared driveways, intolerable kitchens, inoperable bathrooms, tiny rooms, stone foundations and decrepit furnaces.


    Then we saw her.

    Up she went on our realtor’s internal posting on Tuesday, April 2. We saw it that day. And again the next with one of Paul’s contractors from work. We called the parents and decided to put in an offer. We drew up an offer and were in competition with another offer on Thursday. The realtor agreed not to look at them with her client until Friday. We knew we were in competition, the previous offer didn’t. So we offered 1$ more than asking.

    It was close, but our offer was accepted. We arranged for an inspector to come through on Monday. Received his notes and went over them with the parents. There is some work that needs to be done, but most of it minor.

    One of the best parts of the house, is currently the worst. The kitchen is unsalvageable. No, not even a coat of paint and new hinges on the doors can save it. So, the worst becomes the best by ripping it out, and we are designing our own kitchen from scratch!

    Oh, have our wheels been turning on how to update and make this house a home!

    We get possession June 28. It won’t come soon enough.