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  1. A Jack and Jill in Manitoba


    June 19, 2013 by Amie M

    Paul and I backed our bags for a quick weekend jaunt to Manitoba for a Jack and Jill Shower the family put on in our honour.

    It was a packed evening of laughter, love, and food.

    Family from Mom’s side, and Dad’s side, friends I’ve seen when I was out last, and friends I haven’t seen since high school all came together to shower Paul and I in love, well wishes, and confetti.

    Mom and her sisters Darlene and Marina, or DeeDee and Mia.

    My great-aunts Ollie and Sophie, and Auntie Teresa.

    My cousin Leanne, Uncle Donny, Gramma and Grampa.

    My friends from high school! LeAnne, Kim and Jen, it was great to see you ladies!

    Dad and Chris, with some help from Cal, roasted a hog for supper from Danny’s Whole Hog. It was delicious!

    After supper, we were surprised by a specialty cake that Kim and Cal coerced Dairy Queen into making. It was complete with some Star Wars figures, DQ sandwiches, and the middle layer was crushed ice cream sandwiches! We ate the last two pieces for second breakfast the next day.

    Natalie ate a whole ice cream sandwich to herself! Auntie Mia had to help her out.

    Paul handled his on his own.

    We opened some very generous gifts, and thoughtful cards from those who could make it, and from some who could not. Paul was tasked with writing in the cards what the person gave us, to make the Thank You cards a little easier later. Well, we’ve started those thank you’s, and Paul’s code is confusing.

    Out of the whole evening, the best moments were the little ones: a good laugh with old friends about things we used to get up to; Gramma already harassing us about babies; seeing the people I used to babysit for stop by; and cousin Magdalena taking credit for Paul crawling under the deck to get a card that slipped through a crack.

    And other little moments that Mom captured. Natalie’s Super-Grampa adores her, and she adores him.

    Thank you to everyone who came Saturday night! It was so great to see all of you! We really felt the love and support you have for us as we begin our lives together.

    To those who were there is spirit: thank you for all of your support, and we are sorry you missed it.

  2. The Evolution of Picking Bridesmaid Dresses


    May 15, 2013 by Amie M

    One of the first things I decided about our wedding was the colour of the bridesmaid dresses: a pale yellow. I loved the soft, cheery colour, and kept picturing them in a garden. The deep greens of shrubs and ferns and giant trees would really go with yellow dresses.

    Photo: Jessica Ames, via Bridal Musings

    Then I started thinking of style. I love vintage, and lace. And I saw lovely weddings that had bridesmaids in mismatched, but same hued, vintage dresses.

    via simplicityisbliss on Etsy

    Then the dream of my six ladies magically finding vintage pale yellow dresses on Etsy or in thrift stores starting blooming. I would have moved mountains if they all found old yellow prom dresses.

    They didn’t all have to be 50’s-esque with full skirts, tulle and brocade. They could have been lovely in mid-century modern sheath dresses. Just as long as they were yellow and vintage.

    Then practicality prevailed. The likelihood of all six ladies finding dresses, in their sizes, or needing minimal alterations and in good shape was slim.

    Photo: Delbarr Moradi via Ruffled

    So then we moved onto light yellow and vintage inspired, like these ladies who sourced theirs from ModCloth and J. Crew. Then my mismatched yellow gaggle of girls became much more of a reality.

    So we scoured ModCloth, Ruche and other online dress sites for pale yellow dresses. All of this was over the winter, when pale colours weren’t really in season. The girls had to make a decision: to risk it and wait for light colours to come in for spring, or to be safe and get dresses from a bridal salon.

    We played it safe. And I am glad we did. Looking at the stores now, there aren’t a lot of pale yellow dresses that my ladies would have been satisfied with, and it would have been too close to August to order in dresses for them.

    So we went in little groups to a bridal shop in town and picked out pale yellow dresses with soft or vintage lines, perfect for a garden wedding.

    Without giving any girls’ dress away, picture a couple of them strapless, a couple with deep v necklines, some sweatheart, one illusion, some lace, some chiffon, some dupioni. I am in love with the variety of textures they picked out, and the different shapes. Each of their dresses are wonderfully suited to the lady wearing it. Their dresses are starting to trickle in now, and I am excited to see them all in them!

  3. Showered with Love

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    May 8, 2013 by Amie M


    My wonderful ladies planned an intimate bridal tea a couple Saturday afternoons ago. They decorated and planned and baked and brewed an event that was exactly what I had dreamed of for my bridal shower.


    They took mint, pink, doilies, burlap and my family tea cups and went all out.


    Each of them made or brought food, and there was so much of it!


    We played games.


    A lot of games!


    And we ate, and sipped some tea from the lovely tea bar.


    Some of us were exhausted from the festivities at the Stag and Doe the night before and camped out under the food table. Natalie eyed up the candy, and only salami, a cookie or a spoon of jam would persuade her away from eating the whole lot of it.


    We ate, and ate and ate!


    Then I opened presents on behalf of Paul and I and said thank you for all the thoughtful gifts and well wishes.


    While I was opening gifts, Kate was rather suspiciously gathering all the paper and bows, and made a rather lovely bonnet. It was fetching.


    Thank you to my girls for putting together such a lovely afternoon spent with some of my closest friends. Everyone’s love and support for Paul and I as we are preparing our life together was overwhelming!


    All my ladies were wonderful, and I’m glad all of you could make it!

    With this much love and well wishes, Paul and I are set, thank you all again.

  4. Asking for Flowers


    February 20, 2013 by Amie M

    Paul and I have been a powerhouse of wedding planning. We are putting our friends in awe over what we have been cranking out, and W-Day is almost 7 months away.

    We have:

    • Ceremony location
    • Officiant
    • Reception location
    • Caterer
    • Hotel
    • Wedding dress
    • Photographer

    Some of the smaller details are already sorting themselves out but the last of the bigger budget items has been eluding me, and giving me great frustration.

    I have no idea where to go for flowers. I have no idea what to budget for flowers. And what we are going after in the floral department is not heavy on flowers, but running a lot more towards ferns, leaves and other sorts of greenery, with a little bit of face flowers and tiny blossoms thrown in. Very natural. Very English garden.

    But whenever I try searching for a florist in the area, all I get are websites for FTD and Teleflora locations. Oh yes, they are indeed Mom and Pop shops, but their websites consists solely of flowers that FTD and Teleflora offer. I want to see what you can create! I want to know what you have done for other events, not just weddings. I also would love to know how much. How about putting up a gallery? I’d like to know what you do before I come in to your shop. Or supplying an email address so I can send you links to ideas and give you my budget without having to come in and waste both of our time on a consult if you are going to be outside my budget, or not what we are looking for in floral design.

    We are looking at 16-18 tables for dinner which means 18 centrepieces, plus a couple for guest book, dessert, bar and cocktail tables, so 20-22

    There are 6 bridesmaids, so 7 bouquets including mine

    6 groomsmen, so 7 boutonnieres with Paul’s, 9 with Dads, 11 with the Grampas.

    4 corsages for Moms and Grammas.

    Not to mention a garland for the ceremony backdrop that can be used as head table centrepiece.

    Lovely Centrepiece

    Flowers: Inspired Floral Design, Photo: Nathan Peel Photography via Style Me Pretty

    How much is all of that going to cost? We are leaning very heavily towards mixed small blossoms, a couple garden roses in the larger arrangements, and full with ferns and greenery. Will having a lot of greenery keep the costs down? Or does stems like amaranthus, Queen Anne’s lace, Baby’s Breath and gladiolas knock the price up? Is it less expensive to go with one flower type, or have a diversity of blooms and stems?

    Lovely Bridal Bouquet

    Photo: Sarah Kate, Photographer via Style Me Pretty

    The florist would have a lot of creative play. I have some inspiration images they can use. As long as they stay within the feel, and can do a mockup a week or two before, they are good to do whatever with whatever as long as it fits our budget. I even have all the centrepiece vases ready! But, as I keep repeating myself, what should that budget be?

    I guess I am just going to have to suck it up, and going to these places some Saturday in February or March.

    How soon is too soon for florals? What budgets have previous brides worked with?

  5. Saying Yes to a Dress


    February 13, 2013 by Amie M


    Photo: Justin Alexander

    Every since I saw the lovely Justin Alexander 8465, it was love at first sight. I knew, that no matter what I had to have this dress. No knowing how much it was going to cost, I started looking at alternatives in similar cuts and ideas. I amassed a rather large collection of pins on Pinterest of my ideal dress.


    1. Dress: Karen Willis Holmes Couture, Photo: Julian Beattie via Ruffled; 2. Dress: Ruche; 3. Dress: Vintage via Ruffled; 4. Dress: House of Snowball, Photo: Bayly & Moore via Green Wedding Shoes; 5. Dress: Vintage, Photo: Anna Rose via Ruffled 6. Dress: Veronica Sheaffer, Photo: Studio Starling via Style Me Pretty.

    They were all tea-length, plenty of tulle in the skirt, and varied in straps. They all had a wonderful, playful, fun, flirty, mid-century vibe to them. And my heart went a-pitter-patter whenever I would just longingly gaze at the photos.

    I had listings on Etsy faved for the vintage dresses that would just need some taking in of the bust. I had scoured second-hand vintage dress websites trying to find something similar. I loved the idea of an old dress: giving someone’s wedding dress a second go, to start off another great, long love story.

    But people in my inner dress sanctum (Mom, Melissa, Paul) were weirded out by me getting a second hand dress, and the risk involved in buying one online and then having to do alterations or cleanings.

    Then in October, Mom and I went to the only bridal salon in town that carried Justin Alexander. The shop lady was wonderful, and she would not let me try on that dress first. She made me try on all sorts of silhouettes, fabrics, and necklines. But the entire time I still had 8465 on my mind and just wasn’t giving any of them their due time.

    Then I put it on. Going on, it was heavy. It was poofy, and lovely to down on from above, but talk about heavy! Walking out of the fitting room, I saw Mom’s face, and it wasn’t glowing. It glowed a little with the other dresses I had tried on already. Then I turned and looked in the mirror.

    “Oh.” I said. “Hmm, not at all what I expected.”

    The skirt length and cut chopped me off at all the wrong places. The big skirt made swallowed me up and gave me no shape. It made me look short.

    My heart fell. I had planned a lot of the wedding thus far (yes it was only October, but I had been busy picturing things for a couple years now) based around a tea-length poofy dress that I could have fun swing dancing in.

    I lifted my chin up, took a deep breath and moved on.

    The next dress I tried on was the one.