Twelve Good Men

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March 4, 2014 by Amie M

Dad rocked last week’s episode. Watch it here! Twelve contestants were taken down to ten in two contests. The first was a team event, the second was an individual task.

Group Challenge

(Photo credit: Canada’s Handyman Challenge)

The group was split into two, and given a challenge to create a billboard for Canada’s Handyman Challenge. The catch: they could only work on their own panel.

Group Challenge

Group Challenge Winners

(Photo credit: Canada’s Handyman Challenge)

The teams designed their group board and broke off onto their own panels to create the letters in the show’s title using trim and a variety of angle cuts. Dad had the center panel, and followed the group’s plan. Unfortunately this left his “Y” in the center of the panel, as agreed upon by the group. Pops took some flack for his “Y,” but held his own on his mitre work in the “G.” Dad’s group won the challenge, and the other billboard’s team saw a member, Doug, go home.

Individual Challenge

(Photo credit: Dad)

The second challenge was soldering copper pipe through a maze of pre-drilled 2×4 studs, in the pouring rain.

Dad's Maze

(Photo credit: Dad)

Dad aced this challenge. There were a couple scorch marks on his boards, but nothing extreme. When the judges did the pressure test on Dad’s pipe maze, it passed.

But two other mazes did not. One maze had plenty of holes and misses in the soldering. Another had a geyser. Dan, Dad’s partner in the bridge challenge last episode, was on the chopping block for a big miss. Unfortunately for Laurier, he is the one that failed to complete the challenge altogether and went home.

Dad is in the top ten episode tonight! But don’t forget to vote for my Daddy as your fan favourite before, and after, the episode airs.


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